A top job search and career coach, writer, and popular speaker, Dave draws on his 20+ years of experience as a corporate executive, nearly 10 years of career coaching, along with his years of hiring, building, nurturing, developing, coaching and mentoring hundreds of people and teams.  He’s helped people turn their careers around, find their passion & purpose, become better than they ever thought they could be, solve really difficult business issues and truly enjoy what they do as well as the rewards from it.

Along with coaching he continues his extensive research and publishing on what executives look for in those they promote, career advancement, high job performance and enjoying both work and life.

As a popular speaker, Dave quickly engages his audiences, interacts with them, challenges them and leaves them with life-changing and innovative thoughts to implement towards dramatically improving both their professional and personal lives.  Dave has spoken at conferences, trade shows, graduate schools,  associations and to all types and ages of audiences.  

His Most Requested Speaking Topics Include:

  • The steps of a very successful job search

  • How to build and market a compelling personal brand

  • How to research and find your dream job

  • Social media and the job search

  • How a job change or career transition is done

  • How to truly ace an interview

  • Cutting-edge networking strategies

  • What executives look for in those they promote

  • The talents truly great managers possess

  • What the CEO wishes you knew

  • What you should know about your direct reports

  • The value of a mentor

  • Getting on the fast track/climbing the corporate ladder

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