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My clients come from all types of organizations.  They’re looking for game-changing help with:

– Getting promoted faster     – Conducting job searches that actually get jobs quickly     – Developing hard-hitting resumes

– Building vibrant personal brands    – Improving their networking skills     – Changing jobs or careers

-Interview Preparation     -Negotiating Salary & Contracts

Working with me my clients get:

– A significant competitive advantage over others     – Powerful personal brands     – Attention-grabbing resumes

– LinkedIn pages that make them stand out     – Large, helpful personal networks     – Viewed as the next logical choice for promotion

– Clarity on career trajectories and “What’s Next”     – New jobs faster and promotions quicker

Career and Performance Coaching


-Assessments That Define Your, Passions, Gifts, Purpose And Ideal Target Jobs

-Personal Brand Development

-Cover Letter/Resume/LinkedIn Page Development

-Networking The Right Way

-Interview Preparation

-Compensation & Offer Letter Negotiation

-The First 90 Days In A New Job – Quick Win Strategies

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-“What’s Next” – For those seeking to define what’s next for their career  

-Getting Your Career Unstuck – For people who feel there career is going nowhere

-Becoming The Next Logical Choice For Promotion

-Preparing For And Taking Control Of Your Next Performance Review

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**Day-To-Day Advice On Your Job**

Ever Wanted A Confidant In Your Corner You Could Turn To For Every Day Advice On The Job Your In?  That’s What This Is!

-Assistance With Difficult Projects

-Dealing With People Challenges

-Making Big Decisions

-Testing Your Ideas

Whatever You’re Dealing With Today In Your Job That’s Tough, I’m Here To Discuss, Advise and Help You Come Out Ahead.

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Group Classes and Webinars


Getting You Promoted – An Online Group Class

The methodology for all of my services centers on The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster™.  I developed this approach after doing considerable research on what senior executives take into consideration when evaluating others for promotion and combined it with my own fast track experience.  I help you quickly become the obvious next choice for moving up to the next level.

Limited to 15 committed, ambitious people at a time, this group engagement is best suited for those who want to make a significant commitment to rapidly getting promoted.   You will devote yourself to in-depth mastery of “The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster”™ combined with an accountability structure to insure your follow through.  You also get the eyes and ears of a small working group of peers to add additional input and insight to all that you’re working on.

You Get:

A deep understanding of top factors, 20 of them, the executives above you are using to decide if you’re ready for the next move up, an appraisal of where you are against those factors and an action plan to get there.  The eyes and ears of 14 other committed people providing you input, insight and support.  You’ll also gain awareness of the career “kill switches”, those attributes that without question will derail your career and kill your fast track to an executive position.


  • (10) One Hour sessions, one per month, covering the factors that get you to the promoted
  • (10) “Working Calls”, one per month, where we work together on what’s been covered thus far, your progress & implementation, your career and current business challenges
  • A copy of the “The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster”
  • A copy of all class slides used
  • A recording of each class
  • Bi-Weekly exercises/homework
  • Clear definition of your personal career goals, objectives & timelines
  • An understanding of the career “kill switches” that will derail your career
  • (4) of my favorite books that prepare you for rapid career trajectory
  • Unlimited email support
  • (2) 60-minute private, one-on-one phone consultations.  Good forever.  Can be used anytime
  • (1) one hour private, one-on-one follow-up/career trajectory sessions.  Good forever.  Can be used anytime

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