Doing A Job Search Today

Searching for a job has changed considerably.  It can be daunting, overwhelming and even depressing especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

The days of submitting lots of cover letters and resumes to job postings are over.  Social media has changed all that.  And while the job market is good, it’s much more crowded.  Where an employer 7-8 years ago got 100 resumes in response to one of their job postings, today they’ll get over 600.  Combine that with the fact that over 80% of job openings aren’t even advertised and you get the picture.

If you don’t want a job search that is going to take as much as a year or more, you have to really know what you’re doing and exactly what value you bring to a potential employer.  You have to know how stand out above the rest of the pack, how to get in the door and how to give a killer the interview.  There are some “tricks to the trade” that you can use to shorten the job search cycle today, but you have to know what they are.

As my clients will tell you, I’ve developed a comprehensive, well-honed approach to job searching that will shorten your job search.  It will also land you a job that is a clear fit for your passions, skills and abilities.  You’ll stand a very high percentage chance of being happily employed there 5 years from now.

Here’s What We’ll Do Together:

-Define Your Passions, Gifts, Purpose And Ideal Target Jobs

-Development A Compelling Brand For You And Implement It Throughout All The Things We Market You With Including Your Resume, LinkedIn Page, Social Media, Associations, etc.

-I’ll Teach You The Hard Hitting Cover Letter Approach That Gets My Clients Interviews.

-We’ll Improve The Quality Of Your Personal Network And Leverage Them As An Integral Part Of Your Job Search.

-I’ll Will Research And Prepare You For Each Interview You Go On.  My Clients Do Not Get Interview Questions They We’re Not Prepared to Answer.

-I Will Help You Negotiate Your Compensation And Show You How To Get More Than The Initial Offer.

-I Will Prepare Your For Your First Six Months In Your New Job And Give You Quick Win Strategies.

What Makes Me Different?

-I’m Affordable.

-I Will Stay With You At No Additional Charge Until You Land A Job.

Ready To Get Going?

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Where Are You At?

Whether you are in a dead-end job, are burned out in what your doing or it’s just time to do something new and refreshing, you need to get your arms around a definition of “What’s Next” and then define a strategy to get there.  I’ve helped a very large number of my clients with highly successful career transitions.

Yes, it involves conducting a well thought out and targeted job search.  But, the most important work to be done for an effective career transition is on the front end of that.  You want to clearly define “What’s Next”, why and know with a high degree of confidence that the move you’re going to make is the right one.  That’s where I come in.

Career Transition Is An Opportunity

I view career transition as an opportunity for you to make a significant and meaningful change for your career and life!  You want to make a move to a new job and line of work that not only meets your compensation requirements but also really satisfies your passions for an extended period of time.

How I’ll Help You Transition

I use a comprehensive method that both identifies where “What’s Next” should be for you and why.  We’ll clearly define your passions, those things that rev you up Sunday night about the job you’re going to on Monday morning.  We’ll inventory your true core gifts and transferable skills and define their value to a potential employer in the new industry you are targeting.  We’ll also outline the values that are truly important to you in a job and career.

Armed with all of this, we’ll define a compelling new personal brand for you that we’ll properly market to your new targeted industry, get you in the door for interviews and land your exciting new job.  By following my method, we’ll also dramatically increase the chances that you’ll be happily employed 5 years from now in your new role and industry.

What Makes Me Different?

-I’m Affordable.

-I Will Stay With You At No Additional Charge Until You Land A Job.

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Once my clients are into their new jobs, they often find a need for someone outside their business to be able to talk to and confide in. My phone rings almost daily with clients who are wrestling with something and want to know, “What would Dave do?

Often they’re dealing with a difficult boss, have been given a project that is a stretch for them, need ideas on how to reach the business goals this quarter or need input on a sticky business or personnel issue. I’m there for them and for you too.

You often in your career need someone who has a wealth and breadth of experience to provide advice. I fill the role of  “Advisor and Confidant” for you as someone you can have the kind of conversations with that you can’t or don’t want to have with anyone else in your business. Someone with whom you can open up and be candid with. Someone who’s “been there and done that”. Someone you can vent to. Someone who can help you see from other angles, see things maybe you don’t see or think of, from an outsiders perspective. And someone who can provide encouragement.

Obviously in doing this coaching with you discretion is key. The goal is a trust based coaching relationship through which I can be the confidant in your corner you can turn to, get sage advice, pragmatic input and help you succeed beyond what you could have imagined for your job and career.

Let’s get started and travel the road together!

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The methodology for all of my services centers on The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster™.  I developed this approach after doing considerable research on what senior executives take into consideration when evaluating others for promotion and combined it with my own fast track experience.  I help you quickly become the obvious next choice for moving up to the next level.

Limited to 15 committed, ambitious people at a time, this group engagement is best suited for those who want to make a significant commitment to rapidly getting promoted.   You will devote yourself to in-depth mastery of “The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster”™ combined with an accountability structure to insure your follow through.  You also get the eyes and ears of a small working group of peers to add additional input and insight to all that you’re working on.

You Get:

A deep understanding of top factors, 20 of them, the executives above you are using to decide if you’re ready for the next move up, an appraisal of where you are against those factors and an action plan to get there.  The eyes and ears of 14 other committed people providing you input, insight and support.  You’ll also gain awareness of the career “kill switches”, those attributes that without question will derail your career and kill your fast track to an executive position.


  • (10) One Hour sessions, one per month, covering the factors that get you to the promoted
  • (10) “Working Calls”, one per month, where we work together on what’s been covered thus far, your progress & implementation, your career and current business challenges
  • A copy of the “The 20 Factors That Get You Promoted Faster”
  • A copy of all class slides used
  • A recording of each class
  • Bi-Weekly exercises/homework
  • Clear definition of your personal career goals, objectives & timelines
  • An understanding of the career “kill switches” that will derail your career
  • (4) of my favorite books that prepare you for rapid career trajectory
  • Unlimited email support
  • (2) 60-minute private, one-on-one phone consultations.  Good forever.  Can be used anytime
  • (1) one hour private, one-on-one follow-up/career trajectory sessions.  Good forever.  Can be used anytime

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