How To Get More From That Job Offer 100% Of The Time

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In my career coaching practice, I help my clients from the beginning to end.  We define “What’s Next”, develop a compelling personal brand, implement that new brand into a revamped resume, LinkedIn page and anywhere else we should brand them.  I teach a hard-hitting cover letter technique and we target and apply to jobs together.  I prep them thoroughly for each interview.  And they return saying there wasn’t one question they didn’t have a well-articulated answer ready for.
Then we get down to the job offer.  It’s here that I’ve discovered many of my clients often make a costly mistake.
Their offer letter has a compensation offer.  In their excitement, they want to read it, sign it and send it back in.  What they don’t realize is they are doing themselves a great dis-service.  How?  They’re leaving money on the table, guaranteed
Here’s the thing, I can easily get you more money out of that job offer 100% of the time.  This has worked 100% of the time for my clients and 100% of the time in my own personal 20+ year career.  I could let you talk with 5 of my clients who it’s worked for just in the last 10 weeks.
So, are you ready for the secret?  Here it is.  A highly regarded mentor of mine taught me something over 20 years ago and it’s proven to be totally right.  He said, “You never know until you ask”.  Putting that into practice has never failed either my clients or me.  And that’s the key to getting more money out of your job offer.  You ask
Really Weir, that’s all you’ve got?  You ask?  Yup, you’d be surprised how many people don’t and here’s why it works – every time:
*They Chose YOU – What most people fail to realize is that once a company makes you an employment offer, YOU hold the power, not them.  They have been through the pains of writing up a job description, getting it posted and sifting through hundreds of resumes. 
They whittled the list down to probably 5 candidates and put them all through a defined interview cycle.  Out of all of that they’ve chosen you.  They don’t want to go through it again or settle for a second place candidate.  At this point, you have the power.
*They Didn’t Offer All They Could Have – Once they chose you for the job, inevitably they sat back and said, “What do you think we can get him/her for?”.  Or being more truthful they said, “How little do you think we have to offer?”  Because of this, there is always more money to be had by you
*The Chances Of You Losing The Offer Are Zero – They went through an arduous process to get the choice down to you.  You asking for a reasonable amount of more money is not going to result in you losing the job offer.  The worst they are going to say is no and I’ve never seen that happen
*They Want To Get This Over With  – Once they’ve extended you an employment offer, they want to get you on board quickly and get on with business.  They don’t want to devote any more time to it.  They will accommodate your request for more money in order to get it done.
So how just do you ask and make this happen?  It’s easy.  Let’s say you just got a job offer for $125,000.  Here’s what works:
The offer letter more than likely came from someone in Human Resources.  Call that person and say the following:
“Thank you so much for your offer.  I’m extremely enthused.  Let me be clear at this point, I’m coming to work for you folks.  I really feel like this is the right fit for me with the right company.  I have everything at this end in order and ready to send back.  I just have one question.  How can we get the base salary of $125,000 to $145,000?” (I usually pick a number about 15% – 20% over what they’ve offered).

Then you go silent (silence is extremely powerful).  The human resources person won’t have the authority to do the increase.   They’ll have to go talk to the hiring manager.  You say, “I really appreciate it, that would just really lock me in and I’m all yours for a long term career”.

That’s it.  Done
You’re going to get a call back that says one of two things:

  1. “OK, $145,000 it is”.
  2. “We’ll meet you in the middle at $135,000”.

Either way, you increased what they offered.
So here’s the net, net.  Unbeknownst to most, an employment offer isn’t their best offer.  It’s never as high as they’re willing to go.  They chose you instead of others many for reasons that are very valuable to them. 
So remember, “You Never Know Until You Ask”.  It works.  100% of the time.

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