How To Get Momentum Going Your Way

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We’ve all had those weeks when life sails along with nothing but positive momentum. You wake up, look in the mirror and go “Damn I look good!” (OK, that’s never actually happened to me). Maybe traffic was surprisingly light on the way to work. Your boss tells you what a great job you did solving that customer problem yesterday. You put in an extra half hour on the treadmill in the morning, because the beast in you could (that’s never happened to me either). You reach into your pocket and your surprised to discover $50.

And then to the contrary there’s those other weeks – when just nothing seems to go your way. You go out to start your car to go to work, turn the ignition key and you hear….crickets. It’s dead. That new job you’ve been interviewing for and thought was in the bag called, they picked someone else. It’s Friday, you’ve been traveling all week, you just want to get home and bad weather cancels your flight. We’ve all been there.

So, just what is positive momentum? I like what John Maxwell says in his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership:

  1. Momentum magnifies success.
  2. Momentum shrinks problems and obstacles.
  3. Momentum energizes.
  4. Momentum enhances performance.

But how can you get wind into the sails of your own momentum and build it? Here’s some thoughts:

*Turn Your Focus Away From Your “Energy Drainers” – Energy drainers are those leeches that sap you and drag you down. This can be personal finances, a mountain of projects to be done, stressful relationships, the boss from hell, a job search. Instead, regularly leverage those things that recharge your energy, those things that matter to you and put you in a good mood – such as family, friends, a good book, being outdoors, movies, a hobby, your favorite sports team. Build these into your days as rewards for accomplishing the things you need to get done.

*Create Your Picture Of Success – If you can’t see your vision of success, you’ll never get there. What’s “Point B” for you from where you are now? Where would you like to see it all go? What does success look like? Write your vision down and visit it daily.

*Set Focused Goals – Goal setting is powerful because it provides focus and shapes your picture of success. It gives you the ability to hone in on the exact actions you need to perform to achieve everything you desire in life. Goals are also great because they cause you to stretch and grow in ways that you never have before.

*Break It Down – Does the mountain in front of you seem too insurmountable to even know where to begin? Break it into smaller steps. If say, you’re searching for a new job and all you have ahead of you appears extremely daunting, find its corners. For instance, make a list of just five potential companies and five potential executives to target. Focus on 2 companies and 2 executives to approach each day. Then choose just two job listings to submit an application to. After that, let yourself off the hook for the day and indulge in a re-charging activity like we discussed above.

*Expect Snags And Get Right Back On The Horse – Even when good momentum is cranking along for you, there will be snags along the way. Expect them. Don’t give in to setbacks or even give them the chance to turn into several. You can make a choice as to how you react to them and get momentum moving in the right direction again. If momentum is the sum of small steps all it takes is getting immediately back up on the horse and taking one step towards your goals.

So here’s the net, net. You’ll never be able to anticipate all of the good and bad coming your way. But you can actively make decisions that deflect the bad, quickly seek out the good more often and get things back on track.

Momentum is where hope, courage, energy and focus combine. When you really start to see momentum working in your favor in your work, your goals and life that’s when you’ll know that you’re not only experiencing positive momentum, you’re building it.

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