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My clients become highly focused and driven about their job searches and career trajectories.  As they will tell you, I lead them through a proven method I’ve developed to not only find a new job quickly, but one that is an ideal fit for their passions, skills and abilities.  As a result, they become recognized as significant leaders, change agents in their organizations and are widely known as the “go-to” people who are ready for promotion. They experience very rapid career paths, have significantly higher incomes and much more fulfilling careers.

My Services Include:Dave_testimonials

  • One-on-one job search coaching

  • Career Transition Coaching

  • Day-To-Day Advice On Your Work

  • Group Job Search And Career Advancement Classes

 I Help You To:

  • Define “What’s Next” for your career

  • Develop and market a powerful personal brand

  • Build your new brand into an attention-grabbing resume and LinkedIn page

  • Conduct a targeted job search with you that gets results quickly

  • Properly research and prepare for interviews

  • Dramatically improve your networking skills

  • Maximize salary negotiation

  • Become the next logical choice for promotion

  • Make sound decisions rapidly

  • Dramatically expand your managerial and leadership skills

  • Solve sticky business issues

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Dave_CropMy Dad was a hard charging Harvard MBA and senior executive of one of America’s large beer companies (yes, that had exactly the benefit you’re thinking of !).   He was a brilliant guy that I learned tons from.  We did the usual stuff that Dads and sons do like camping, fly-fishing, going to hockey and football games.  He also did some stuff with me that, looking back, was a little out there.

Like when I turned 10, he bought me a board game for my birthday called “Stocks and Bonds” (true story) and started teaching me about business.  Soon, I was heading into the office with him on Saturdays to go over the “Dow Theory Forecast” and he’d let me pick stocks to buy with money I’d made cutting lawns.  So by age 12 I was no stranger to a P&L and a Balance Sheet.  I guess you could say I had a slight business bend to my upbringing.

By the time I had to pick a college major, there wasn’t much doubt about it being business.  And there wasn’t much doubt when I graduated about my charging towards senior management.  Ever since I was a little kid my Dad had instilled in us that , “Weir’s are Chiefs not Indians”…(I know, I probably should have sought some therapy!).

My first job out of school was in sales with a giant computer company.  I made their “Achievers Club” my first year and every year after that. I rapidly climbed corporate ladders and by 28 was running the largest product line for a global hardware & software company.  By 31, I was a President of a division at a global, public software company.  My career trajectory continued upward with various senior executive and C-level positions involving growth, start-ups and turnarounds.

A pivotal career key for me was that I was extremely fortunate to have, in addition to my Dad, some really great bosses/mentors along the way.  These were tough and demanding people, but very influential. And they taught me some extremely important business lessons, like:

*They don’t hand out rewards for effort, just results.

*At the end of the day, your biggest assets go down the elevator and go home.  The people you work with are everything.

*Everyone needs a mentor from outside their business in their corner, a confidant who can help them see from different angles.

*With getting promoted often and moving up quickly comes a responsibility to “send the elevator back down” and do what you can to help others achieve.

*If you coach and cultivate people well, they can stretch and do some amazing things that they never dreamed of being able to do.  (I was one of those people).

It’s the last two points that really have me doing what I do now. I started my career coaching and advice practice to help you take proactive control of your career, find the perfect job you’ll love, excel wildly at what you do and advance rapidly.  All this leads to significantly higher incomes as well as a truly fulfilling career and personal life.



Low_Res_DSC_6260I know well what it takes to conduct an effective job search and properly manage a career trajectory.  I’ve done it for myself very successfully for a long time.  I also know from personal experience what it takes to move up rapidly.  My first job out of college was in sales for a Fortune 100 computer company, where I made the “Achievers Club” my very first year – and every year after that. By the age of 28 I was running the largest product line of a global computer hardware & software company. By 31, I was Division President at a Fortune 500 public software company.

My continual rapid career trajectory includes senior executive and C-level positions involving growth, start-ups, acquisitions and turnarounds. I’ve had responsibility for all facets of business including strategy, marketing, sales, product management, partners, consulting, operations, development/engineering, customer support, F&A and legal.  My titles have included President, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for companies including Sterling Software, Amdahl, Litton Systems, Aberdeen Group and Candle Software.

Along the way I’ve hired, built, nurtured, developed, coached and mentored hundreds of people on their careers and jobs.  I’ve helped people turn their careers around, become better than they ever thought they could be, solve really difficult business issues and truly enjoy what they do as well as the rewards from it.

In 2011, I launched my career coaching and advice practice with the goal of helping aspiring individuals to proactively take control of their own careers, get the jobs that best leverage their gifts/talents and excel far beyond anyone else.

My wife Patty and I reside in the Los Angeles area and have 4 kids. In my spare time I enjoy working on my golf game (which is destined to never improve), and can’t get enough of college football – Fight On USC!



Let me introduce my Vice Presidents In Charge of Entertainment.  That’s Phil on the left, on the right is Frank.  They’re two year old Great Danes who are brothers and tip the scales at over 140lbs each.  They hang out in my office and are expert paper shredders who love trying to answer the phone, “helping” type emails and photo-bombing my online video sessions.  So if you and I are talking and you hear something crash, not to worry it’s just “the boys”.


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