6 Things That’ll Set Your Day Up For Success

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There’s a genetic analysis company advertised on TV called “23 and Me”.   You mail them a saliva sample and they send you back a genetic analysis. I’d like to try this to solve an issue of mine. As my family will tell you and I’ll fully confess, I’m not a morning person. My most focused time of the day is late morning. My best exercise/workout time is 9pm.

I really wish I was an early riser and I’ve tried almost everything to improve this, but for whatever reason being, coherent within the first 30 minutes of my day is just not in my genetics. I’m confident that if I Fed Ex’d a spit wad to “23 and Me” in search of a morning bleariness answer, I’d get a letter back that says, “Mr. Weir we got nothing’, your hopeless”.

My best pre-dawn incoherent example was a day trip I made to San Jose years ago. My flight was at 5:45am. I left the house at “0 dark 30” to race to the airport. While removing my shoes for airport security, I noticed one minor detail – they didn’t match! My flight was in 15 minutes. With no viable solution available to me, I spent an entire business day with one black shoe and one brown one.

It was then that I decided I’ve got to do what I can to not only improve my waking up, but also have my mornings set me up for a day of success. After a lot of pain, suffering and homework here’s what I learned that helped me. Maybe it’ll bring more success to your days too:

*Develop And Stick To A Morning RoutineA routine that starts as soon as you wake up is vital. The most successful people have a consistent morning routine and rarely stray from it. Starting your morning hours off in the right way sets the tone for the whole day. Whether it’s exercising, meditating, writing, reading or taking a walk, make sure you consistently do the same activities every single day.

*Protect And Guard Your Morning Time – Most of the businesses I’ve worked for were global. It seemed like someone in Europe always wanted to have a call with me at what was 4 or 5am my time. Don’t take really early morning appointments that conflict with your morning routine.

* The Night Before, Create A To-Do List With Your Top Three Must-Dos Before I wake up in the morning, I already know what I absolutely must get done that day. No negotiation, I will make these three things happen no matter what.

*Make Tackling The Gorilla The First Thing Of The Day – It’s tempting to ease into the day and take care of little trivial things before moving on to the big stuff. But tackling the hardest thing first will let you do it when your mind is fresh, energy is high and your not distracted.

*Remove As Much Decision Making As You Can – Your routine should run on autopilot. Set your coffee maker to go off before you wake up so that precious “go juice” is waiting for you. Set your workout and work clothes out the night before (making sure the shoes match!). Have your briefcase, keys, and coat etc. all ready to go at the door. This way there’s no decisions or thinking needed, you did it all the night before. You flow through your routine and you’re off to an easy start.

*Check Your Email and ONLY Your Email – Avoid the temptation to open your browser and get sucked for the first hour of the day into the vortex of the internet. If you like to read the news, subscribe to a newsfeed that emails it to you. Email only.

So here’s the net, net. The key to a successful day is setting yourself up for one. The key to that is a routine that gets you through your morning with minimal cerebral involvement on your part, especially if you loath the sun rising as much as my body does.

A routine will get you up, get you moving and running with a fresh vigor and focus towards a day that’s predetermined not to fail.

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