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Thanks for stopping by my website!  I’m Dave Weir.  I’m a career coach

and job search advisor to mid-career professionals. 

Here’s What I Help People Like You Do:


~ I Help You Define “What’s Next” If You Want To Make A Job Change ~

~ I Help You Identify Your True Value To Employers ~

~ I Help You Develop A Captivating Personal Brand And Market It In A Compelling Way ~

~ I Help You Conducted A Comprehensive, Targeted Job Search To Land The Right Job For You ~

~ I’m Your Day-To-Day Confidant Wrestling Tough Work Issues With You ~


**Job Search Coaching**  **Career Strategy/Career Transition**  **Day-To-Day Advice On Your Work**


What My Clients Are Saying

“Dave Weir is a breath of fresh air. He is an extraordinary combination of business savvy and success. He easily and authentically connects with his clients, making each feel important, appreciated, validated and heard. I continue to marvel at his mastery as a professional transition and branding expert. I most appreciated his ability to take the confusion and messiness of my own career transition and systematically lead our conversations to a create professional brand I not only love, I am proud of and passionately embrace. What surprised me was his ability to integrate a passion project I was working on and envision it as a worldwide platform from which I could align all my professional pursuits. I will be forever grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave Weir. I hired a great coach and developed a life-long friend and mentor.”

~Sheila Mullen, Founder and CEO, Blue Skies CLT Inc.

“Dave is an enthusiastic, informed and insightful career coach and mentor. He delivers on his commitment to step through the process of identifying and understanding one’s core strengths and talents, aligning those with desirable professional skill-sets and co-creating a career roadmap. I recommend working with Dave at any stage of one’s career trajectory, as his unique approach is beneficial for anyone seeking to connect their passion and purpose with their work.”

~Anne Harber, Advancement Services Manager, Queens University, Charlotte, NC

“There are a lot of coaches out there that say they can help you with your career direction and leadership qualities. But Dave has been there done and that.  I got great results with Dave and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

~Lisianna McManes, Strategic Account Manager, BMC Software, Durham, NC

“Dave has been a great asset in helping me flourish in the next chapter of my career. He has provided invaluable gems that not only helped me find my next job but that I can take with me for the rest of my career”

~Mayra Perez, Marketing Manager, City of Hope, Los Angeles, CA

“Dave has given me valuable insights that have helped me rethink my career goals and the way I pursue them.  He’s also assisted me with a number of  difficult business issues I was encountering in my job.  He’s, knowledgeable, very patient and did a lot to enlightened me” 

~Kevin Ehsani, Software Developer, Los Angeles, CA

“Dave has helped me to succinctly identify the value that I bring to an employer, while also helping me make my brand presence as powerful as possible. His assistance has proven invaluable time and time again, not only by helping me to recognize what employers see as valuable but also by helping to point me in the right direction in terms of career trajectory. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

~Steve Tenney, Director of Physician Relations at Keck Medicine of USC,  Los Angeles. CA

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